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Welcome to the Seishinkan Aikido’s New Website and Aikido Dinner on Saturday

I have imported all posts from our previous blog and have FINALLY moved to the new site.

Please note that there will be a dinner for Aikido members held at a house in Bampfylde this Saturday. It would be pot-luck style but there will be a BBQ going on as well! Please confirm your attendance with Fabian so that we have an idea of how many people are coming!

Venue: Reuben’s house in Bampfylde

Time: 5.30PM-9.00PM (flexible end time) 26 September 2009, Saturday

Dress Code: Casual though if you really want to you can come with your gi ;P

Food Arrangements: Pot-luck (try to coordinate with each other as to what you are bringing!) with BBQ

Getting There: See the map below. Drive to Bampfylde Road. The road is an unmarked road going downhill right next to Bampfylde Heights with vacant lots on each side. You will see a ‘For Sale’ sign on one of the lots. Go straight down and you will see a house in white with blue edgings. You can park at that house. The bbq itself is further in at the house at the back at the end of the private road.

Where the yellow bubble is.

Contact: Fabian 016-8162567 / Reuben 013-8119120

View Reuben’s Treehouse in a larger map


Dear members,

This is to announce that all candidates who took the upgrading test on 4th September 2009 have passed and may hold their respective ranks with immediate effect. See below for names and new rank.

1. Jonathan Sim – (3rd Kyu)
2. Dixon Lai – (4th Kyu)
3. Law Huong Ling – (5th Kyu)
4. Gan Ger Yuan – (5th Kyu)
5. Gan Ling Lim – (5th Kyu)

Congratulation to all and please practice harder. Please bear in mind that rank or belt is not the primary goal for genuine martial artist, what all Seishinkan members should have in mind is to upgrade and hone ourselves with the knowledge through diligent training.

During daily training, I strongly advise all members to take every class seriously and not to disturb the atmosphere with unnecessary annoyance. Please maintain the discipline but at the same time practice joyfully.

I also would like to call all members to help to maintain the cleanliness of the Dojo. The Dojo is for all and we need to keep it clean. Please do not leave your empty bottles, tissues etc unattended, the rubbish bin is there…feel free to collect and throw the rubbish to the proper place.

Lastly, here are the photos taken during the upgrading.