Monthly Archives: June 2010

KYAN!ME 2010 Demo @ the Spring

We had a little impromptu demo @ the Spring in conjunction with the KYAN!ME anime convention where we had really little time to prepare but we decided it would be a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and perhaps the only chance we have to walk around in our Gis without looking like complete idiots!

Matthew and I just decided to horse around and Desmond came to help become the MC.

We all had a good time and we shared some light-hearted moments with Desmond’s 7 year old daughter who rolled like a champ, a friend’s mum that decided she wanted to ‘spar’ with me (along with her whacking me on the head when I caught her to prevent her from falling T_T), KYAN!ME organizers lending a hand (literally!) by allowing us to perform demonstrations on them and random rolling in front of the escalators.

Thanks to everyone who participated especially Matthew who agreed to become uke on such short notice, Pei Chen who took the photos and Luke who lent his support and pamphlet folding skills! Much thanks also to Kimberley Lim from KYAN!ME who gave us the opportunity to participate as well in their convention and the sporting participants.

Blurry pictures thanks to Pei Chen *_*