Monthly Archives: October 2010

Map to Sekishin

If you are attending the upgrading for our sister dojo, Sekishin today held by Shihan Jun Yamada, please find the map to Sekishin below:

Please be there by 3.50 PM 😀 Thanks! Contact Desmond or myself if there are any issues.

Ukemi saves lives

A former student of ours, got into a quad-bike accident while on holiday. She was on a quad-bike hitting the hills on badly rutted roads. She came onto a downhill stretch and the bike started to roll and pick up speed on a stretch where there was a cliff edge on the left and a cliff wall on the right. The brakes were not working well and although she continued to apply the brakes, the bike was still out of control so she steered the bike towards the cliff wall.

The bike hit the cliff wall and she was thrown off the bike superman-style but managed to pull off an ukemi front roll so she escaped the whole scenario with scratches on the hip and ankle and a ruined jacket.

We’re all glad that she’s ok and perhaps it will give you all some added motivation to properly learn your rolls!