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40th Anniversary of Jun Yamada Shihan in Malaysia

In conjunction with the celebration of Jun Yamada Shihan’s 40th Anniversary in Malaysia, Academy Aikido Jyuku is hosting this year’s Aikido Fellowship – South East Asia (AFSEA) seminar in Malaysia. Seishinkan Aikido Dojo, as an affiliated dojo of Academy Aikido Jyuku has been invited to participate and we highly recommend this to our students.

Among the guest Shihans who will be conducting the seminars are:

Motohiro FUKAKUSA Shihan, President of Aikido Association of Thailand & Chairman of the Aikido Fellowship-South East Asia

Toshiyuki ARAI Shihan, disciple of Founder Morihei Ueshiba, Chairperson of the Gunma Aikido Federation & Director of the All Japan Aikido Federation

Seminar Details

Venue: Wisma Olympic Council Malaysia

Sat, 20th October 14:00 Seminar begins
15:30 Seminar
17:00 Seminar

Sun, 21st October 09:00 Seminar begins
10:30 Seminar
13:30 Seminar
15:00 Demonstration
19:00 Dinner Party
(Time of seminars is subject to change)

Participating Fees:

RM200 (includes Seminar Fee and Dinner Party)
RM100 for primary school students (includes Seminar Fee and Dinner Party)
RM200 for Observers (includes Seminar Fee and Dinner Party).

Please contact Desmond or Reuben should you be interested in participating as soon as possible.