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The Japanese martial art of Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba, fondly referred to as O’Sensei. It is a relatively new art founded in the 1920s which continues to gain great popularity globally. This is primarily due to the sophistication of the art which does not depend upon brute strength but lays its emphasis on relaxation and upon using an opponent’s strength against themselves.

The techniques involved are circular in nature and never clash with the attack. The whole body is used to blend and flow in rhythm with an attack and to dispel the attacker by a throw or to lead the attacker to the ground into an immobilization lock.

Aikido training not only teaches dealing with attacks by a single assailant but also attacks from multiple assailants; we also deal with attacks from various strikes and holds as well as attacks where weapons are used.


To be a member of Aikido Seishinkan :

1. Fill in the Membership Form;
2. Registration Fee RM35 (one time only);
3. Quarterly Dues RM100 (per 3 months).

Aikido gi and belt are available for purchase @ RM70.

Aikido is for anyone – whether they be male or female, young or old. Aikido is the practice of martial skill, to be able to blend in timing and co-ordination with another human being. Our students, of whom we have male and female members, range in age from teenagers to 50 year olds.


Reuben Yap (3rd Dan) (Dojo-cho)
Desmond Andrew (2nd Dan)
Jack Chong (1st Dan)


1. One blow in Aikido can kill. When practising always obey your instructor and do not use training as a time for needless testing of strength.

2. Aikido is an art where one person learns to face many opponents simultaneously. It therefore requires that you polish and perfect each movement to become invulnerable from any direction.

3. Practice with a feeling of joy and exhilaration

4. The teachings of your instructor constitute only a small fraction of what you will learn. Your mastery of each movement will depend almost entirely on individual earnest practice.

5. Daily practice begins with light movements gradually increasing in intensity; but there must be no overexertion. Even elderly people can practice with pleasure.

6. The purpose of Aikido is to train both body and mind sincerely. Aikido must not be taught to immoral people or used for evil purposes.

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