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We now have air-conditioning!

Those of you who came by on Friday would have noticed we now have air-conditioning for those really hot afternoons/balmy nights!

We also have repaired the sink, cleared the shower room and replaced the toilet so if you want to have a quick shower after class, by all means!

Get Well Soon Henry Bong

Henry Bong @ Cookie Monster, one of our most gung-ho students in the past, got into a work related accident where he fell off a 3 storey building. He had some surgery done on his head and has been in recovery for the past 3 months.

Those of you who know him may wish to give him a call and say hello as he’s been cooped up at home. All the best Henry and get well soon!

Joint Training with Sekishin Aikido Dojo and Possible Demo

Our dojo has been invited to have a joint training session at Sekishin Aikido Dojo this Sunday 18 April 2010 at 3.15 PM.

Their dojo is located at:
3rd FLR, S/L 11, Lot 44 & 45, Jalan Kulas Kuching Sarawak

For those of you do not know the way, Sensei Desmond will wait at our own dojo at 2:45 PM to guide you there.

Please confirm your attendance with us and hope to see you there. It is a great opportunity to train with new people and experience a different training environment!

On a separate note, we are tentatively organizing another demo with Kyanime Society at the Spring. Details will be forthcoming later but do let us know should you be interested to participate!

PS Haven’t had the time to edit the video for the Swinburne Aikido Demo for the installation night. Will be up when I have the time. Sorry peeps!

CNY Break

Reuben will be away on the 12 February, Friday so his class will be taken by someone else (Desmond is arranging).

Also Aikido classes will break for the CNY week and will only resume on the 22nd February 2010, Monday.

Have a good holiday everyone and be safe! Happy Chinese New Year!